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Owner / Head Coach


I have been passionate for CrossFit and fitness ever since my first time coming to do CrossFit!  Before CrossFit, I was a big distance runner.  My goal as a coach and owner has always been to help anyone with anything they need in their fitness journey.


Whether that is to compete in CrossFit, nutritional guidance, getting stronger for a specific sport, or getting in shape for a specific event in life and living healthy.  I will always place your goals first!


Outside of CrossFit, I enjoy watching my Philadelphia sports teams and Penn State athletics.




  • CrossFit Level 1




I'm very excited to be a part of the Heart & Soul CrossFit family! I hope my personal experience with CrossFit, as well as my professional experience coaching will bring an added dimension to the coaching staff.  I am very passionate about helping people reach (not only) their fitness goals, but personal/life goals as well.  To me, CrossFit is a lifestyle, and one that is extremely rewarding & gratifying, but also very humbling.


It pushes us to our limits while also keeping us grounded, which is a pretty amazing thing!  When I'm not doing CrossFit... I really enjoy being outdoors.  Nothing helps me reset and relax more than being out in nature.  It allows me to clear my mind and focus on just being present.




  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Level 2
  • CrossFit Football Certified
  • Active Life Assessment & Immersion Certified
  • Aerobic Capacity Ambassador